Sometimes when I can’t find something I think,

maybe it’s lost.

I know the reasoning here is crazy,

it’s almost as if alien beings are controlling my mind

and guiding it to such a conclusion.

Or perhaps a circus bear.

When you can’t find something you may be tempted to think:

“Perhaps I misplaced it.”

I on the other hand am betting it’s lost.

Again, if you “misplaced” your car keys

would you try to take them back from the circus bear?

Or would you concede they are “lost” and just get a new set of car key?

How about you see a mind-controlling alien.

Just standing there tossing your keys up and catching them in his hand.

With a come-and-get-your-keys look in his eye.

And a probe.

Any kind of probe.

Again, I think you are better off considering these keys “lost.”

Now your car keys are simply between the cushions of the couch.

But between you and the couch are:

A circus bear.

An alien with a probe.

And dinosaur robot with sharp teeth.

Where did this new guy come from?

Again, lost.

You are sitting in a pumpkin patch waiting for the Great Pumpkin

at some point wouldn’t it be better to just get a spare pair of car keys made?



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