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July 5th marks my 10-year anniversary of being on Word Press

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I’ll eventually get it right…

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Forrest  : )

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Forrest Pasky worked previously as a freelance cartoonist/writer for 10 years for such companies
as Hallmark Cards and King Features. He currently works as the CAD and Program Manager for a
Silicon Valley start-up company that produces carbon nano-tube memories.


Pecking Order


Dave the nomad crawling across the belly of Death Valley
took one last look up at the sun and died.
A vulture landed and pecked at his eye.
Then a black crow landed and pecked at his eye.
Then a humming bird swooped in and pecked at this eye.
A penguin walked up.
He had a scowl on his face.
Then the vulture came back and landed between Dave the nomad, the humming bird, and the penguin.
Vulture: “Goddamit  Hummy! Can?t you observe the pecking order??”







I will always be here.


Kryptonite Love Child


The 2 sheep sat playing the piano.

The one sheep said to the other:

“Mine is bigger than yours.”

The other sheep looks down between his legs

and realizes the other sheep is right.

He is sitting on a blue piano bench playing a blue baby grand piano.

The other sheep is sitting on an orange piano bench playing an orange grand piano.

The first sheep with the smaller piano bench has a difficult time sleeping that night.

He lies there with his sheep eyes open staring at his sheep ceiling.

Although filled with uneasy apprehension

he closes his eyes and starts to count sheep.

One by one they jump over the little fence in the pasture.

One of the sheep is dressed like Superman.

The next thing he knows its morning and he’s getting out of bed.

Over night the orange grand piano has mysteriously appeared on his front door step.

He looks up at the sky, shakes is fist, and yells:

“Lois Lane hasn’t lived here for nearly 2 years. God damn you Superman!”


psychic spelling-bee

As I entered the room
the mist cleared.
I saw a balding orangutan
sitting at a desk writing
with ballpoint pen.

The sleeping city
of parakeets at work
began to awaken
not finding seed
in their cages
they began to chirp loudly

At that point I realized
all life is precious.

Except the life of that guy
who coincidentally has the same
name as my boss.

When I arrived at his desk
the organutan stopped writing
and looked up.

Me:”Hey boss, how’s it going.”
Me reading his mind: “G-R-E-A-T.”

Boss: I forgot to put seed in the cages again.
Can you please do something about all that damn chirping?!!!




always something


The air was filled with electricity.
Benjamin Franklin tried to force
his way into the room and fly his kite.
It was so quiet you could hear a pin drop.
If that pin were a jackhammer
and it were dropped off the Empire State Building.
The tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife.
Or possibly a sharp kite.
Certainly a jackhammer.
Perhaps even the Empire State Building if turned on its side.
Like a letter opener.
You just never know.
It’s always something.
Like when you’re a prima ballerina.
And the other ballerina’s say:
“Break a leg!”
And then break your leg.


Monkey Tail Boxer Shorts


The more things change
the more they stay the same
Except when it came to Bill’s boxer shorts.
He never changed them.
And they always stayed the same
2 weeks straight now.
With his monkey tail sticking out of the hole
of his custom-ordered boxer shorts.
I know what you’re saying…
“Where can I order boxer shorts that have a customer hole
for my monkey tail?!!!”
Where indeed.
Now it’s taking over social media.
Now it’s trending.
One of the Kardashian women
possibly Bruce
tweets that she is selling contact lens
that will make your monkey tail
look like a beautiful peacock tail.
What could be better.
Letting someone else live
your life for you.
Pass the remote.