…and how’s your day been


Mine’s been good thanks for asking.


In Silicon Valley just wrapped up

6-weeks of 12-hour days 7-days a week

to complete a chip design we have been

working on for almost 2-years

We are now “done.”

(Please God…let us be “done”.)

No more “texts” at mid-night saying…

“We’re not done.”


I could use a month’s sleep.


A couple nights ago…

(Yeah, I did mention this was the Silicon Valley…)

About 40-yards across the apartment complex

from me there was an organized crime

execution style hit.


Yes, people were actually tied up and one was shot

in the back of the head.


It’s more surreal than any of my writing.


I hope you…I hope everyone had a good day.


Here’s a bit of the police reporting.




the existence of time



I think the key thing is to not overthink things too much, not waste time worrying, and enjoy the ride of life each day. If we live with principles and values, we usually know the right decision to make and we should trust this instinct. It’s more than just instinct. If we look at time as the “past”, “present”, and “future”, the only time we really control is the “present”. The “now.” We should appreciate that and always make it a point to enjoy the present moment of the day. A lot of people have these kind of worries, myself included at times. The past…regret… either I wish I had done something or I wish I had not done something. Thing is the past is past and we can’t change it. We can learn from it, but we can usually understand that pretty, quickly without wasting time worrying about things that we can’t change. All we can do is make decisions based on our principles and values. Sometimes this works out the way we want. Sometimes not. Hindsight is always 20×20. I’m comfortable with making wrong decisions at times if they are consistent with my principles and values. Usually, things turn out for the best because the decisions are made based upon my beliefs. Regarding the future, we should plan responsibility, and work towards our goals, but not spend a lot of time worrying about this “time” either. This “time” like the “past” also doesn’t exist. It may “potentially” exist, but we don’t want to put everything we want to do or enjoy off for the future. We could make the mistake of putting things off to a date when we are no longer able to do them. Or we sometimes worry about “how” will we be able to do something in the future? We can best address this by focusing on the “now.” The present. Everyday. The past provides a quick reference for lessons we have learned. The future, a general guide towards which to plan, If, we fully appreciate and make the best use of the present, the current moment, the now…we will be happy now. And we will understand that we are doing the absolute best we can do. The past and the future will take care of themselves if we focus on the now.

Last night at my apartments…

This is why we focus on the “now.”


Reference: Eckhart Tolle “The Power of Now”

For K

Clam Dig

Here comes gravity.

Red dress half way up her thigh.

Holding the universe together.

She makes the ocean’s tide fall and rise

I’m sorry did you say something?

I was still thinking about that red dress and thigh.

Do you mind?

Yes, with the ocean’s tide rising and falling,

this would probably help you determine

if is a good day to go clamming…

Here comes gravity.

Red dress half way up her thigh.

She paints the Painted Dessert

with her infinite sunset.

What? I don’t know if it’s a good day for clamming.

I think there’s a tide table in the back

of your sports page that you can probably consult.

You don’t get the paper?

And you want to borrow mine.


Leave the rest of the sports page I haven’t read it yet.

You can keep the tide table.

Here comes gravity.

Red dress half way up her thigh.

Bringing the light from the stars.

And the rain from the sky.


With the break in the weather it is probably is a good day for clamming.

Can you borrow a shovel, and a bucket, and my car, and my fishing license?

I don’t have a fishing license.

Then my credit card.

You know there’s a whole seafood section down at the grocery store,

that I’m sure can satisfy all your clam needs.

Here comes gravity.

Red dress half way up her thigh.

With a snake-like movement of her hips she sheds her angel skin.

She can take me down any time she wants.

That’s the law of gravity.

Friday man.

Beard of Bees

There is a woman knitting dreams.

She knits like spider webs your thoughts into dreams.

An intricate and delicate network of strings she weaves

Like the Spiderman on your sheets and pajamas.

She seems to know your life.

As only someone bitten by a radioactive spider could.

You ask yourself as you dream:

“Did that spider bite cause any inflammation?”

“Some red swelling would not be unexpected.”

Still she knits and weaves.

Now she’s using her sewing machine as that spider bite

has caused some sensitivity as well

and some numbness in her right hand.

You wind up dreaming about a giant spider.

And a red open toed shoe stepping on it.

Grinding it into the carpet.

Now she’s using a loom

that she bought at that big crafts expo.

When you wake up you are refreshed and at peace.

There is a woman knitting dreams.

Her infinite sadness she wears

like a beard of bees.

Return of the Space Monkeys…Uncertainty


King Kong was climbing the Empire State Building.

As a bunch of airplanes buzzed him.

He continued to the top.

Pounded on his chest, slipped , and fell.

Impaling himself on the torch of the statue of liberty.

The Chrysler Building eerily reflected the yellow light of the sunset.

The Hindenburg flew by in the yellow light like a giant banana

making the whole King Kong thing now into a spectacle.

I looked up while, clasping my mother’s hand tightly.

She looked down at me and smiled.

It was a sad smile, but it looked pretty just the same with her red lipstick.

A single tear was on her cheek.

This scared me.

We both knew that the world was coming to an end.

She bent down in her high heels and heavy winter coat and hugged me.

And said the only thing she knew would comfort me.

“Someday the space monkeys will return.”

Return of the Space Monkeys

One day the space monkeys will return in their rocket ships.

But I’ll be ready.

I’ve been preparing.

I’ve been hoarding and storing bananas everywhere.

I had a walk-in freezer installed in my home. Filled it with bananas.

I added on a spare bedroom. Filled it with bananas.

I bought the house next door. Filled it with bananas.

When the space monkeys land and their leaders march up

to greet me the top monkey will say:

Is that a banana in your pocket or are you just happy to see me.

I will bow my head and reply:




I looked up while clasping my mother’s hand tightly

she looked down at me and smiled

it was a sad smile

but it looked pretty just the same with her red lipstick

a single tear was on her cheek

this scared me

we both knew that the world was coming to an end

she bent down in her high heels and heavy winter coat

and hugged me

and said something to try to comfort me

it is precisely at such a moment that you realize

just how alone you are in the universe

you can feel your soul crack from the loneliness

and the only thing that even gives you hope of surviving

is sharing that uncertainty with someone you love



uptown Oaktown
2 Lincoln Continentals
of Eastern European crazies
by morning someone will be
pushing up the daisies

Katarina’s in heat
but she’ll have to wait
until morning for
her love date
if I’m still alive

through the MacArthur Maze
up into the Oakland Hills
my God that f*cker’s Craze
Zee with a capital Z

serial code’s filed
off the gun
Saturday night special
when it’s time for
God’s hit-and-run

brass full of fist
you’ll know when
you have been kissed

when your teeth are tumbling
like dice across the table
in front of everyone

the judge and the jury
are playing the executioner’s song

death metal with an AK-47
something tells me nobody’s
going to heaven

but I rise
with the sunrise
in Oaktown
when my love
going down


something wicked this way comes


I am the Ezekiel wind
I am the Prodigal son
I am he cat with 10 lives
I am the Mother
of all Mother-F*ckers
I am the one
and when you’re in heat
I’ll bring the heat
you can load
and unload my gun
and when you’re feeling
unloved and unruly
I’ll tattoo your world
and sign it
from yours truly
because you are the one
by the pricking of my thumbs
something wicked this way comes

She: You better Daddy…