You Are


you are

the cat’s meow

you are

the kitten’s purr

at Halloween

you arch your back

for your tongue bath

as I lick you kitty’s fur

you are

the cat’s pajamas


you are

the cat without her pajamas

how’s that tongue bath going?

just thought I check

she says speak

to me boy

in tongues

now it’s time to eat

when the kitty hears

my electric can opener

she wants meat

and kitty always comes


I will always love “her.”

And only “her.”


She is my life.

I give thanks every day for knowing her.

One day she will be my wife.

It is not possible for a man to love a woman more.

On this you can count.

I hope this gives you a small sense on how much I love you

and how much I will love you for the rest of your life.

Sweet dreams my princess.

I love you.


Dynamite Boxer Shorts


she was a pair of dynamite

boxer shorts

both comfortable and a good fit

and allowed breathy room

just where breathy room

is needed

but at the end of the day

dynamite’s job is exploding

so I take care

when I saw her it looked like perhaps

she had added 4-5 lbs of women curves

strapped on to her gutter-gaunt gangster

slim body

and if physically possible

she became even more

built for speed

like a classic Corvette Stingray

considered the greatest automotive

achievement in design art

because it’s design is based upon the curvature

of a woman’s body

but as we all know the only true masterpiece of art

is a woman’s body

and that is she

Spanish Mass



plug into the ethereal

backwards dancing ballerina

trip into the light fantastic

fantastic and everlasting

everlasting everafter

get fantastic evergirl

that filly busted through the barbed wire fence

dragging all the barbed wire kicking

and screaming into outer space

now she’s…

kicking screaming barbed wire outer space horse

yeah that’s her

she’s dynamite

she’s magic

she’s magic dynamite

at the Spanish Mass

at the Spanish Mass I did not understand

that watermelon was a flavor

commonly found in message oils

that heat up when you blow on them

get fantastic evergirl

at the Spanish mass I didn’t understand

when I see dandelion like her

makes me want to blow

when I look at her I think

I need a bigger pair of eyes

or maybe my eyes need a pair of eyes

sometimes I have to get my eyes a seeing-eye dog

on days when I go blind

from looking at her too much