Same Day Different Life



I drove my hovercraft to the Bar Mitzvah

Tarzan and Cheetah were guest speakers.

They talked about the roll bananas played in friendships.

On the way there they got a flat tire.

We learned a lot from this.

Later Jim offered Cindy a banana.

She slapped him and  left with Cheetah

Swipe right.

In the background someone was playing “Snake Music”

the kind they play at hamster funerals

and in New Orleans

Tarzan tried parallel park my hovercraft and knocked

the house off its foundation.

this came out of his speaker’s fee

Popeye sat at the Last Supper Dinner table with his head stuck in a can of spinach.

Sweet Pea: Not again.

Batman: I hate it when this happens. Hey look bananas.



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