Calistoga/Santa Rosa Firestorm 2017 (Part 3)

“Guess we don’t have to worry about that water leak over the dining hall any more…”

“The poison oak problem on some of the hiking trails has also been greatly reduced.”

You better be able to laugh the tears or you’re not going to make it.



Calistoga/Santa Rosa Firestorm 2017 (Part 2)


Next to a nuclear explosion, there is no more lethal killing force on earth than a big forest fire. The most violent are called “blowups” because they are capable of exploding. Just how they perform such a terrifying feat remains a mystery, but fire behavior experts think it has something to do with a convergence of weather patterns and hurricane force winds big fires often generate.

Fanned by such fearsome winds, flames become blast furnaces, then the furnaces explode. Trees that are not incinerated where they stand are often sucked from the ground and tossed hundreds of feet into the air. Only a handful of firefighters have survived a blowup, but from their accounts we know that blowups can outrun birds in flight, melt soil, boil stream water, crack open boulders, detonate old, pitch-filled trees like sticks of dynamite and incinerate entire mountainsides in seconds. Mercifully, most who fall before them suffocate before fire consumes their bodies”

Jim PetersenOctober 4, 2014   Evergreen Magazine


As my brother-in-law had described to me regarding the firestorm of 1964, when what they thought that the was exploding cases of dynamite that they used in that day in certain work on the ranch. These were actually sap-rich trees as they entered a furnace that was likely in excess of 1800 degrees Fahrenheit.


Example of those caught in a firestorm…


Maclean: “Dr. Hawkins, the physician who went in with the rescue crew the night the men were burned told me that, after the bodies had fallen, most of them had risen again, taken a few steps, and fallen again, this final time like pilgrims in prayer. When the fire struck their bodies, it blew their watches away. The two hands on a recovered watch had melted together at about four minutes to six. For them, that may be taken as the end of time.”

Jim PetersenOctober 4, 2014   Evergreen Magazine


Starting 7am Monday my email/Facebook/text/phone was ringing off the hooks from those in firestorm and those who wanted to know about those in firestorm.


The firestorm came in so quickly, most people got out with at most the clothes on the back.

Within 8 hours 40,000 acres had burned.

Not just the areas of forestry, but deeply into cities such as Santa Rosa.

The firestorm was fuel by 50-70 mph winds.

In Southern California these are the “Santa Anna” winds.

In Northern California these are called the “Diablo” winds.

I have been here all my life.

I have never experienced winds like this inland.

Frankly, other than the “News” reporting right now…

I had never the name of such winds.

I guess they hadn’t visited us for a while…

Perhaps not since 1964.

There was a sense of surreality.

At a minimum unreality.

People I talked to from Santa Rosa could not comprehend what had happened to them in eight hours.

Whereas I, 110 miles away in the Silicon Valley was mortified, some of people spoke nonchalantly or matter-of-factly as everything they owned had been burned to the ground.


I’d seen this before.

People were going into a form of “shock.”


They needed to rest and believe a message of “even keel”, so they could take next steps and steps that would be necessary shortly in next few days.


God was needed in this situation. Yes. God. If you have a problem with that GO FUCK YOURSELF.



Firestorms are among nature’s most violent and unpredictable phenomena. Tornado-force winds sweep superhot flames of up to 1,000 degrees Celsius (1,800 degrees Fahrenheit) through buildings and forests alike. Victims often suffocate before they can flee and entire towns can be obliterated.

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When my sister called me Monday night well after a hyper-emotional day for both of us she started off calm, matter-of-factly. Shock.


Then she described as my sister, brother-in-law, and nephew had decided to “ride” out the firestorm.

(I believe I described what that might entail above.)


She described when we lost all contact with them early Monday morning…


She started to cry softly over the phone.


At that moment of “lost” morning she got down on her knees and started to pray.


On her hands and knees and started to pray.


Now she was crying louder on the phone.


Then she was on her hands, knees, and face crying that morning.


Then she stopped praying.


She stopped praying.


She stopped praying.


She stopped praying and started to beg.


She started to beg God.


She begged God.


Please God. Do not let our sister perish in a way described above.


She begged hard and cried hard that morning.


She was crying uncontrollably now on the phone.


My hand was over the mouth piece, so she could not hear my uncontrollable crying.


After listening, when it was my turn to talk about next steps, I tried not to let my tone-of-voice break.


I needed to be “even keel.”


So, my one sister survived the firestorm…


The fires continue to spread to large areas, which were subsequently evacuated.


Early Wednesday morning the “Diablo” winds are expected to return.


Perhaps, with some mercy at 30-40 mph.


But that is definite going to push these fires.


For us, now is a time for God.


If you don’t believe in God…


Stay the FUCK out of the way.


Because these are people who will be acting as if driven by God.


Been up 40 hours straight and I’m starting to get “cranky.”


115,000 acres gone in 36 hours.


God is indeed needed.


Everyone is hunkered-down, bunkered-down.


And dug in with a defensive position.


For the next round.



Lot’s of burnt kitties up our way.

Please help.






the fires burn

with an





all fuel



that are

in the way


the sun

glows a deep

red orange

the smoke


a sunset


like the

sky too

is on fire


a woman

must decide

which of her

horses she

can take

in her trailer


and which

she must leave

to burn

(Our ranch…gone 10/9/17)



Manifest Destiny

Girl’s name was Destiny
Manifest Destiny

and Manifest Destiny she was…

and I ain’t not talkin’ ’bout no
manifest like some kind
of ship’s cargo document
I’m talkin’ Manifest Destiny
as in take over the mother-fuckin’
god damn United States
and at the current moment
as she straddled my continent
she was taking over my heart

window shopping
makes me think
firecracker popping
makes me think
4th of July

5-foot seventeen
in 4-inch stilettos
puts a bustle
in my hedge row
in my favorite
Las Vegas casino

I’ll take a Manhattan
with an extra cherry
go hard on her cherry

She’ girl messiah
She’s girl piranha
biting, biting, always biting
barbed wire dental floss
she’s barbed wire mental floss

the filthy filly bites
hard the bridle
is truly only happy when
she’s making me suicidal

stirrups, purr ups
when petting her kitten.
She: I have a naughty kitten
Me: I could drink your milkshake?
She said: I need thunder puppy
God: Reverse cowgirl?
She said: I am a true believer
Of the one and only true religion

sometimes I think about her
think about her before work
think about her before work in the shower

when I look at her
I wish I was the scientist
who invented x-ray vision
x-ray vision that stops right
after the clothes if you
know what I mean

she rolled around
as she was well-oiled
I had to take the batteries
out of my smoke detector
because of all the sparks

she said she wanted
both the steak
and the sizzle
with extra sizzle
but I wanted to give
her extra steak as well

she moves
her body
like fire
in slow motion
like fire
that dances
so slowly you
want to touch it
touch so bad
you don’t care
if you are burned
by the heat
of her fire

when I was young
I was told that
if I did it too often
I would go blind
still I just can’t stop
looking at her

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…and how’s your day been


Mine’s been good thanks for asking.


In Silicon Valley just wrapped up

6-weeks of 12-hour days 7-days a week

to complete a chip design we have been

working on for almost 2-years

We are now “done.”

(Please God…let us be “done”.)

No more “texts” at mid-night saying…

“We’re not done.”


I could use a month’s sleep.


A couple nights ago…

(Yeah, I did mention this was the Silicon Valley…)

About 40-yards across the apartment complex

from me there was an organized crime

execution style hit.


Yes, people were actually tied up and one was shot

in the back of the head.


It’s more surreal than any of my writing.


I hope you…I hope everyone had a good day.


Here’s a bit of the police reporting.–448749143.html


Clam Dig

Here comes gravity.

Red dress half way up her thigh.

Holding the universe together.

She makes the ocean’s tide fall and rise

I’m sorry did you say something?

I was still thinking about that red dress and thigh.

Do you mind?

Yes, with the ocean’s tide rising and falling,

this would probably help you determine

if is a good day to go clamming…

Here comes gravity.

Red dress half way up her thigh.

She paints the Painted Dessert

with her infinite sunset.

What? I don’t know if it’s a good day for clamming.

I think there’s a tide table in the back

of your sports page that you can probably consult.

You don’t get the paper?

And you want to borrow mine.


Leave the rest of the sports page I haven’t read it yet.

You can keep the tide table.

Here comes gravity.

Red dress half way up her thigh.

Bringing the light from the stars.

And the rain from the sky.


With the break in the weather it is probably is a good day for clamming.

Can you borrow a shovel, and a bucket, and my car, and my fishing license?

I don’t have a fishing license.

Then my credit card.

You know there’s a whole seafood section down at the grocery store,

that I’m sure can satisfy all your clam needs.

Here comes gravity.

Red dress half way up her thigh.

With a snake-like movement of her hips she sheds her angel skin.

She can take me down any time she wants.

That’s the law of gravity.

Friday man.

Beard of Bees

There is a woman knitting dreams.

She knits like spider webs your thoughts into dreams.

An intricate and delicate network of strings she weaves

Like the Spiderman on your sheets and pajamas.

She seems to know your life.

As only someone bitten by a radioactive spider could.

You ask yourself as you dream:

“Did that spider bite cause any inflammation?”

“Some red swelling would not be unexpected.”

Still she knits and weaves.

Now she’s using her sewing machine as that spider bite

has caused some sensitivity as well

and some numbness in her right hand.

You wind up dreaming about a giant spider.

And a red open toed shoe stepping on it.

Grinding it into the carpet.

Now she’s using a loom

that she bought at that big crafts expo.

When you wake up you are refreshed and at peace.

There is a woman knitting dreams.

Her infinite sadness she wears

like a beard of bees.