Sunshine Optimist

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Sometimes you need a sunshine optimist.

Or a scapegoat.

Or an indecisive decision maker.

Or a forgetful professor.

Or a go-to-person.

I can never tell which.

That’s too many choices, so I usually just go with the scapegoat.

Or no. The indecisive decision maker.

Or no. The chicken trainer.

Looks like I left him off the list.

Guess I shouldn’t have had the forgetful professor put the list together.

He hates chickens.

He has what you would call an anti-chicken bias.

He teaches at the Chicken University.

I still don’t know how he got tenure.

It’s like the disappointment you feel

when you lose at a game of paintball.

Because your paintball gun jammed.

Because you were using real bullets.

Sometimes it’s right there in front of you.

Like when I found God in Godzilla.