all roads lead to nowhere


I steer you break

I veer you make

meaningless adjustments

riding down the road

to nowhere


your map’s no good

collapse enjoy the ride you should

forget your meaningless directions

on our one way trip

to nowhere


I speed at night

with the lights turned off and

my eyes closed tight because all

roads lead equally

to nowhere


Manifest Destiny

Girl’s name was Destiny
Manifest Destiny

and Manifest Destiny she was…

and I ain’t not talkin’ ’bout no
manifest like some kind
of ship’s cargo document
I’m talkin’ Manifest Destiny
as in take over the mother-fuckin’
god damn United States
and at the current moment
as she straddled my continent
she was taking over my heart

window shopping
makes me think
firecracker popping
makes me think
4th of July

5-foot seventeen
in 4-inch stilettos
puts a bustle
in my hedge row
in my favorite
Las Vegas casino

I’ll take a Manhattan
with an extra cherry
go hard on her cherry

She’ girl messiah
She’s girl piranha
biting, biting, always biting
barbed wire dental floss
she’s barbed wire mental floss

the filthy filly bites
hard the bridle
is truly only happy when
she’s making me suicidal

stirrups, purr ups
when petting her kitten.
She: I have a naughty kitten
Me: I could drink your milkshake?
She said: I need thunder puppy
God: Reverse cowgirl?
She said: I am a true believer
Of the one and only true religion

sometimes I think about her
think about her before work
think about her before work in the shower

when I look at her
I wish I was the scientist
who invented x-ray vision
x-ray vision that stops right
after the clothes if you
know what I mean

she rolled around
as she was well-oiled
I had to take the batteries
out of my smoke detector
because of all the sparks

she said she wanted
both the steak
and the sizzle
with extra sizzle
but I wanted to give
her extra steak as well

she moves
her body
like fire
in slow motion
like fire
that dances
so slowly you
want to touch it
touch so bad
you don’t care
if you are burned
by the heat
of her fire

when I was young
I was told that
if I did it too often
I would go blind
still I just can’t stop
looking at her

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electric universe


breath in

breath out

feel the rhythm

that connects us all

that connects us all to the earth

that connects the earth to sun

that connects the sun to all that is beyond

feel the spark and crackle

that connects you to me

that connects all to all


electric universe


feel the rhythm

that connects us all

that connects all to all

as we return to the earth

as the earth returns to stardust

as stardust returns to the cosmic swirl

and creates a new planet

as shiny as a new penny wrapped in souls

that connects me to you

that connects us all to each other


electric universe


the cycle starts again

let you emotions go

let them all bleed out

feel the rhythm

that connects all to all

that connects you to me

that connects me to you

that connects us all to each other

that connects us all to ourselves

this is your one and only life

the firecracker explody


it was the firecracker explody

The Snake Pope: Do firecrackers usually pop when put in water

Me: This one does when she gets wet


my mind throttled

was wound tighter

by the hour

even her shadow

was star spangled

in the warrior night

she wore many smiles

now these things

are plain to see

her skirt was way

too tight that day

in her smile was

a spark she used

to light the hour


don’t mind if I do bar-b-q

I like salmon

If she were a fish

I’d wrap her in shiny foil

and slap her on the grill

but she’s not a fish so I just going to let her

lay there naked

gone feral


good morning


good morning

morning rose

dew on your petal

drop of quicksilver

she’s my precious metal

when I slip my finger

on to the trigger

of her pistol

when her kitten’s gone feral

her hand’s on my barrel

she knows how to whistle

she just put her lips

together and blows