my scorpion lover


he drinks dynamite
from a little paper cup
she drinks the heavens
drinks it right up
stars and sun
she’s got tumbling dice in her walk
clicky spurs on her cowgirl boots
click click click
time bomb in her hourglass
black widow red hourglass
against the infinite black of night
turn your head
in your bed
you better rub this leopard
hard if you want her to go spotless
forgot my birthday gift boy
downright thoughtless
ready for church in my Sunday best
when I go crotchless
I’m your scorpion lover
run for cover
my clit is my stinger
if you don’t believe me boy
give me the finger






the snake in your apple tree



hello do you know me
I’m the snake
in your apple tree
things changed
when I slipped Eve
my apple
and knowledge
set her free

now she’s tattooed
like a road map
the truth is there
for all to see
the map leads
to her future
somewhere between
the devil and
the deep blue sea

when you think
you’re going where
you mind is leading you
remember that knowledge
came from me
and when the rest of Eden
burns to the ground
I will still be
in my apple tree







death seeks out
some people
and some people
seek out death
more directly
they throw the
dice and the dice
come up snake eyes
every time
but they slip through
the death’s fingers
like grabbing a
handful of water
death looks down at
his cold, wet, empty
palm at the
and a chill runs
down death’s spine
for there are some things
to fear more than death
and there are some things
that even death fears
for death is
and death
is not a fool

if my tears
were blood
I would have bled
to death
years ago

Who does Satan fear?
Who does God fear for that matter?

They are constrained
by appropriate rules of behavior

I am not

they are finite
and I have never gone away
I am the dirt in the cracks
of the sidewalk
that allows weeds
to grow
and I am
not finite

if you need
a bread-trail home
you can find me
on the other side
of the universe
for what I am
has nothing to do
with me

and it is not finite





It’s always best
to leave one witness
and say something as cold as mother-f*ck
before you whack everyone else.

It creates reputation.


uptown Oaktown
2 Lincoln Continentals
of Eastern European crazies
by morning someone will be
pushing up the daisies

Katarina’s in heat
but she’ll have to wait
until morning for
her love date
if I’m still alive

through the MacArthur Maze
up into the Oakland Hills
my God that f*cker’s Craze
Zee with a capital Z

serial code’s filed
off the gun
Saturday night special
when it’s time for
God’s hit-and-run

brass full of fist
you’ll know when
you have been kissed

when your teeth are tumbling
like dice across the table
in front of everyone

the judge and the jury
are playing the executioner’s song

death metal with an AK-47
something tells me nobody’s
going to heaven

but I rise
with the sunrise
in my beloved Oaktown
when my love
going down


“I am the revolution”



Born and raised in the Oakland...

The Ezekiel Wind


I am the Ezekiel wind
I am the Prodigal son
I am he cat with 10 lives
I am the Mother
of all Mother-F*ckers
I am the one
and when you’re in heat
I’ll bring the heat
you can load
and unload my gun
and when you’re feeling
unloved and unruly
I’ll tattoo your world
and sign it
from yours truly
because you are the one
by the pricking of my thumbs
something wicked this way comes




Suicide King

Manifest Destiny

Girl’s name was Destiny
Manifest Destiny

and Manifest Destiny she was…

and I ain’t not talkin’ ’bout no
manifest like some kind
of ship’s cargo document
I’m talkin’ Manifest Destiny
as in take over the mother-fuckin’
god damn United States
and at the current moment
as she straddled my continent
she was taking over my heart

window shopping
makes me think
firecracker popping
makes me think
4th of July

5-foot seventeen
in 4-inch stilettos
puts a bustle
in my hedge row
in my favorite
Las Vegas casino

I’ll take a Manhattan
with an extra cherry
go hard on her cherry

She’ girl messiah
She’s girl piranha
biting, biting, always biting
barbed wire dental floss
she’s barbed wire mental floss

the filthy filly bites
hard the bridle
is truly only happy when
she’s making me suicidal

stirrups, purr ups
when petting her kitten.
She: I have a naughty kitten
Me: I could drink your milkshake?
She said: I need thunder puppy
God: Reverse cowgirl?
She said: I am a true believer
Of the one and only true religion

sometimes I think about her
think about her before work
think about her before work in the shower

when I look at her
I wish I was the scientist
who invented x-ray vision
x-ray vision that stops right
after the clothes if you
know what I mean

she rolled around
as she was well-oiled
I had to take the batteries
out of my smoke detector
because of all the sparks

she said she wanted
both the steak
and the sizzle
with extra sizzle
but I wanted to give
her extra steak as well

she moves
her body
like fire
in slow motion
like fire
that dances
so slowly you
want to touch it
touch so bad
you don’t care
if you are burned
by the heat
of her fire

when I was young
I was told that
if I did it too often
I would go blind
still I just can’t stop
looking at her

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