the firecracker explody


it was the firecracker explody

The Snake Pope: Do firecrackers usually pop when put in water

Me: This one does when she gets wet


my mind throttled

was wound tighter

by the hour

even her shadow

was star spangled

in the warrior night

she wore many smiles

now these things

are plain to see

her skirt was way

too tight that day

in her smile was

a spark she used

to light the hour


don’t mind if I do bar-b-q

I like salmon

If she were a fish

I’d wrap her in shiny foil

and slap her on the grill

but she’s not a fish so I just going to let her

lay there naked


time passes

in a way where

we don’t see blood

pass from generation

to generation

too slow to be seen

by the human eye

the same blood runs

through different veins

with age and over time

it is only when we

observe generations

together in a mirror

spanning these years

can we detect its flow

American Flag Flying over Homeless Camp


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American flag overflying homeless camp along river where I walk.

These folks eek out a meager existence collecting aluminum cans and by whatever means possible.

When I pass them they do not look up or make eye contact and it is clear they have not had a shower

for at least a month or washed their clothes for a substantially longer period of time.

It is a hard life that no one would choose. No matter how tough things may seem in my own life,

I always count my and my family’s blessing and ask what I can do for them and my friends,

when I see how these folk exist. We are all one. Several times a year I leave a big black plastic bag

of crushed, aluminum cans I have gathered from work and at home on a path leading to one their

camps. In my life this insignificant, but what I have seen is that such folks may turn down a hand

out of $20 cash, because they take pride in the work of making their meager living. Seeing that

American flag always flying when I walk by never fails to send a chill down my spine…

And bring a tear to my eye.

and that without a cent to spare that they tend to it  proudly every day.