Calistoga/Santa Rosa Firestorm 2017 (Part 1)


Part 1: Facebook update to family/friends…


Here’s a little bit of an update on Mountain Home Ranch to family and friends as I don’t know that John/Suzanne will be able
to post to Facebook anytime soon and they have their hands full. There has been a lot of texts, Facebook messages, and phone calls, so I hope this can address
some of those questions.

First, everyone is alright.

(I’m only going to “pester” Suzanne so much right now with texts, so some of this may have to be better “fact-checked” in coming days.)

Although, that was a mandatory “evaluation” area, after John/Suzanne/Casey  evacuated the guests, they chose to stay and ride the firestorm out…likely to save the animals and anything they could
of the ranch.

Keep in mind that with where the Ranch is located the nearest “true” firebreak is probably 5 miles away. Santa Rosa or Calistoga. And most people have seen what the fire did
to Santa Rosa.

If you where to locate the Ranch on a map and draw a circle around it with a radius of 5 miles, they would basically be in the middle of circle that consists of oaks, madrones,
manzanitas, redwood trees, and chaparrel. Right in the middle of an infinite supply of tinder dry fuel.

For over 3 hours Sunday night we lost all contact with them and did not know if they had survived. Thank you everyone to your prayers over the last 24 hours and your continued prayers.

When the firestorm hit, Casey I understand survived, by going into the cellar of the lodge and sheltering in the walk-in freeze. The lodge I would imagine burned overhead. He is in Santa Rosa area now
with a broken ankle, that will get pins put in it Weds.

Suzanne and John (and most of their animals) survived by sheltering at their house. Their house is built on a rocky outcropping and the brush/chapparel had been cleared a very significant distance
from their house. They lost their out buildings and cars that had gasoline in them. There 2 electric cars I believe are OK.

They brought water back up this morning and are now working on getting the electricity back up.

I also believe they have a number of their neighbor’s animals there as their neighbor’s places are likely gone.

The only thing remaining for the Ranch proper is the meeting room/work-tool shop. I believe everything else is gone.

Ranch Lodge, 4 family/employe houses, approximately 24 cabin units, and the chapel/conference room.

As all roads are blocked with partially burned dead trees it will probably be a bit of time before they can get out or anyone can get in.

I think they are set on food and water, though.

The first road the county will likey clear for public use after the fires are more under control will be the “Petrified Forest Road” as it is a major artery between Calistoga and Santa Rosa.

The largely private “Mountain Home Ranch” road that leads the 2 miles to their ranch will probably not be a high county priority to clear immediately. I suspect this will largely cleared to provide minimal
access by property owners on the road with chain saws.

You can’t get in there right now, so those who have asked about helping lets’ wait for John/Suzanne’s directive. Possibly by this weekend? Early next week.

Those gentlemen with “chainsawing skills” (you know who you are) any help you provide initially or in coming weeks would be greatly appreciated.

I’m not a “chainsaw” guy, so she has some “heavy labor” for me once access can be gained.

I hope this answer some questions.

Thank you to everyone for your prayers, love, and continued support.

Please include those from Santa Rosa and other fire affected areas in your prayers as well.



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