doing what’s right



Sometimes you have to do what’s right.
It’s the law of averages.
Sometimes it’s just going to slip out.
It’s not even under your control.
It’s like that fart that you thought
was going to be silent.
When you are up there reciting your wedding vows.

Bride-to-be: Not a problem I also had a chili-dog.

Sometimes you have to do what’s right.
Even when there’s no one else around.
Like lighting a candle in the bathroom
Who really cares?
And it doesn’t smell that bad.

The guy next door has 3 dogs that he pretty much
lets run wild throughout the neighborhood.

Every morning I’m greeted on my lawn by a pile of poop.

I asked him to control his dogs.
He smiled and said that he would,
but every morning there was still a pile of poop.

Finally, I built a tall fence around my entire property
to keep his dogs out.

I had just settled down in my hammock with a drink with a tiny
colorful umbrella, when Tarzan holding a coconut came swinging through my yard.

Me: “You! Hey you!”
“Are you the one who has been crapping in my yard!!!”

So, do what’ right!



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