Your Brain on Science



The Monkey Fish is neither a monkey nor a fish.

It is a dog.

An alligator makes a poor floatation device.

A blowfish upon expansion could be used as automotive airbag.

And although this is green, few people consider this solution.

These people are the counters of sheep.

Counting sheep

Can make you go blind,

If you stare at a solar eclipse long enough while counting.

All the trees are shaking

Because there’s too many monkey’s in the jungle

Yes, there are too many monkey’s in the jungle.

They say that there is more “ocean” than “land” to this world.

But what does every “ocean” sit upon?


This world is a land.

Some just don’t recognize it when it sits beneath 2 miles of ocean.

Can’t do much a mile down in the ocean.

Half way to nowhere.

I’ll be with the monkey’s on land shaking all the trees.


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