Recreational Drugs



I always found the term “recreational drug  use” funny.

Is this like something I’m supposed to take before going water skiing?

Well, I sure hope so…

because I just took a whole bunch

and I have to hit that big water ski jump next.

Hmmm. That was just another water skier.

Hey, sorry about that buddy.

That guy must really be hitting the “recreational drugs.”

Impersonating a water ski jump like that…

Hey look, there’s one of those inflatable clowns

that you can punch and they pop right back up.

What’s he doing out here in the middle of the lake?

Not so tough are you when you’re hit with

a bowling pin wrapped in duct tape are you?

Hmmm. Ok, buddy make up your mind.

Are you an inflatable clown or a water ski jump?




Burn It Down. Burn It All Down.


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