Organ Donor

022 - Copy


On the back of my driver’s license there’s a little sticker
that says I’m an organ donor.

If I get killed in a car crash I’m willing to donate
all my usable organs to others.

I mean, what am I going to do with them anyway if I’m dead?

Sure I love my organs and keep a different one in nearly every room of my house.

I love to play church music on them as well as the kind of music that they play at baseball games when they want the home team to rally.

Also at some ice skating rinks.

I think the right thing for everyone to do is be an organ donor.

I think everyone should have an organ donor sticker on their driver’s license.

But I don’t have a piano donor sticker on the back of my license.

If I die in a car crash and someone wants my pianos
they can go to hell.


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