Snake Parade



The town decided to throw a parade for all its snakes.

They replaced the Bullwinkle balloon from the Thanksgiving Day Parade with a balloon of a giant snake.

People dressed in snake costumes lined the streets as bands played

and row after row of snakes slithered down the street.

Fat Joe got up from watching his crocodiles of the Amazon special on PBS and looked down 12 stories at the spectacle below.

“God damn snakes.”

He muttered as he dropped a brick

out the window and drew the curtain.

Ticker tape rained down like a ticker tape parade.

Finally, when nearly every block of the parade route

was crammed with snakes they let the steam rollers

come in and run them all over.

As they hosed the streets down with gasoline

and lit the flattened snake bodies on fire,

Fat Joe peered out the window

at the rising smoke from below and commented:

“God damn snakes.”


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