Kryptonite Love Child



The 2 sheep sat playing the piano.

The one sheep said to the other:

“Mine is bigger than yours.”

The other sheep looks down between his legs

and realizes the other sheep is right.

He is sitting on a blue piano bench playing a blue baby grand piano.

The other sheep is sitting on an orange piano bench playing an orange grand piano.

The first sheep with the smaller piano bench has a difficult time sleeping that night.

He lies there with his sheep eyes open staring at his sheep ceiling.

Although filled with uneasy apprehension

he closes his eyes and starts to count sheep.

One by one they jump over the little fence in the pasture.

One of the sheep is dressed like Superman.

The next thing he knows its morning and he’s getting out of bed.

Over night the orange grand piano has mysteriously appeared on his front door step.

He looks up at the sky, shakes is fist, and yells:

“Lois Lane hasn’t lived here for nearly 2 years. God damn you Superman!”


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