When the Snakes Return



When the snakes returned we stood

on our front porch and pumped our fists in the air.

Chanting proudly:


This had little effect on the snakes as they kept

their cool snake emotions in check.


Jim drew a picture of a snake with a crayon

on a piece of cardboard and the words “Welcome snakes”

He held it up for all the snakes to see.

Their reaction was that of no reaction.


They had played their cards well and had

checkmated us at our own game.


They flowed by the house

Like a river of snakes.

Like an ocean of snakes.

Like snakes that were late for a bus,

but who did not care because they

did not ride that particular bus.

We sang and danced

and celebrated until dawn.

And then  those of us who were

stilll alive went to the hospital

to get treated for our snake bites.


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