Ready to Dance

The one thing I have noticed about women

is that they almost universally love to dance.


I think this is because it’s the closest they can come to jumping around naked in public without claiming there is anything remotely sexual about it.


If you are a man it is in your best interest to always be ready

to dance.


I’m a rather poor dancer, so I decided to correct the situation

with dancing lessons.


Well, dancing lessons and alcohol.


Actually, the dancing lessons were a waste of time.


The alcohol is more cost effective and efficient.


In order to always be ready to dance it’s in your best interest

to always have recently consumed at least some alcohol.

(This incidentally has also improved my level of job satisfaction.)


Attractive woman: Oh, my God! The world just blew up!

Me: Were any snakes killed?

Women: Yes. All of them.

Women: Would you like to dance?

Me: I thought you’d never ask.



Quick sketch of me dancing “alcohol-free” at work.

Relatively “alcohol-free.”


I don’t remember being naked.


Boy, was Dan surprised when I got up on his desk

to change that light  bulb.


I just noticed in this sketch I appear to have been “fixed” and have no genitals.


Will have to look into…could pose bigger problem than lack of dancing skills.

RIP: Chester Bennington


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