Snakeskin Overcoat



Sounded like a good idea at the time.

As most ideas involving snakes and explosives do.

Frankly, anything with magic dynamite.

But after we locked ourselves in the bank vault

with the snakes and explosives,

we realized we should have worn raincoats.

Or at least some kind of clothes.

When the bank officials and police

opened the vault in the morning,

we complained bitterly about the poor lighting

in the bank’s men’s room

and about being locked in the men’s room

overnight by the janitor.

We explained out naked bodies being covered

by exploded snake bodies

as again the result of poor lighting.

From that point on we all vowed to lead

productive lives dedicated to thinking and

caring only of others.

But not snakes, whom we still got together

from time to time to blow up.

Years later, I still haven’t gone back to

that bank because of the poor lighting.


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