The Rise of Cartoonism in Corporate America



Frankly, I never know what’s going to come out of my brain next.

So, since the job a at our company of CEO was already filled

they made me Vice President of our Business Cartoon Roadmap.

It came with a corner office.

Down in the basement.

It also came with a mop, bucket, sink, and lots of other

cleaning supplies.

At my first Board meeting our CEO and other top management

presented a bunch of stuff.

I missed most of it.

Man, they’re right the volume on an Ipod can really

be turned up loud!!!

Finally, it was my turn.

I didn’t bother to prepare anything because I was concerned it would

be a waste of time if I died or something before having a chance to

present it.

(I also found a site that showed a boatload of Popeye cartoons, which was

extremely valuable for the research I was doing on big forearms!!!)

Anyway, I went up to whiteboard and drew a picture of an alligator eating

an ice cream cone. As is always the case at that point the color in the

color markers had pretty much run out.

(And they wonder why America can’t compete!!!)

So, I pulled out a charcoal pencil and drew a tiny child monster with a

balloon. I decided to give the balloon spikes, so it would be protected

from the alligator trying to pop it.

After explaining all of this to the Board they suggested

we convene as free lunch had arrived!!!

We subsequently moved into the alligator protected balloon business

and were acquired by Google.


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