The Monkey and the Unicorn


One day in the garden of Eden a monkey proposed to his friend
the unicorn. You know if I stood on your head, combined we would
be tall enough for me to pick some bananas from that banana tree
for me and then I could pick some apples from that apple tree
for you.

Unicorn: What a great idea. Why didn’t we think of this before?

As the monkey stood on the unicorn’s head he picked armful after armful
of bananas.

Then they went over the  apple tree.
It was a bit taller so as the monkey stretched to reach for first apple
he slipped and impaled himself on the unicorn’s horn.

Unicorn: What!!! No apples!!! This sucks!!!

And he started to bucking furiously while neighing with monkey still
impaled on his horn.

Just then a female unicorn happened by…

She had just had her horn pierced and dyed blue.

Female unicorn: Woah …that is so cool. Why didn’t I think about getting an impaled monkey?!!

Male unicorn: Well. Well.

Male unicorn: I can’t offer you any apples…Adam and Eve are at the tree now, but perhaps you
would enjoy a banana.

She unicorn wink: I thought you’d never ask.


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