Lincoln’s Hairless Cat



Lincoln always wore that stove pipe hat,

but what I find surprising about the history books are they never talk about him having “hat hair” at the end of the day,

when he took off his hat.

Why is this detail omitted from the history books?

Some say it’s because history is written by the “winners.”

I say it is because it was written by those

who did not have “hat hair.”


Take those hairless cats.

You find so little about them in the history books as well.

Although, you can clearly see in the painting of George Washington crossing the Mississippi towards the rear of the boat

is his trusted hairless cat, Minxie.

When Abraham Lincoln wrote the Declaration of Independence

his presidential papers mention a hairless cat that sat in his lap

the entire time, which he petted for inspiration named

Captain Fluffy.

Sadly, the role hairless cats played in founding our great nation

is largely overlooked in the history books.


Let’s take a closer look at this phenomenon and what is behind it.


Imagine  some guy is trying to grow a mustache,

but he can’t grow a decent one so he decides to shave it off

and go with a milk mustache.

He has to carry a glass a milk around

to keep refreshing his milk mustache.

But again, his milk mustache makes him feel masculine.

Such behavior is not uncommon in our society.


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