If Lincoln’s Hat Could Talk



It’s too bad that Abraham Lincoln’s hat can’t talk. I’m sure it would have a lot to say.

Like:”Look at me I’m a stovepipe hat and I’m up here, while you’re down there.”

Or: “What’s it like being way down there. Sure is great being way up here.”

Or possibly: “What’s the weather like down there shorty. Too bad you’re not up here where you could easily look down a woman’s top.”

Actually, Lincoln’s hat is a bit of a prick, so I guess it’s a good thing it can’t talk.

It’s too bad the Cat-In-The-Hat’s hat can’t talk.

It might say something like: “Look I’m even higher up here than Lincoln’s hat. I get a nosebleed just looking at you way down there.”

Or possibly: “I’m also colorful and bent to the side way up here. Are you standing in a hole down there?”

What’s the deal with these hats?

Why are they such assholes.


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