The Raincoat Question



Everybody watched in stunned silence as the water balloons
started arriving from outer space.
With a splish here and a splash there.
At first it seemed like fun.

Then the larger balloons started to arrive.
The size of the Hindenburg only filled with water.
We were taking an awful pounding.
One balloon hit a duck.

Gradually, the blitzkrieg subsided.
The oceans receded back to their proper place.
Someone toweled off the duck.
And the man who had been proclaiming the end of the world
put his squirt gun back in his raincoat.

Many years passed.
Eventually we returned to the moon.
When we got there we were greeted by a duck with an umbrella.
He asked why were dressed in raincoats.
In raincoats with nothing on underneath.

We had to admit that was a good question.


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