Me and My Brain


I like my brain.

Sometimes I even take it out from under its

dust cover and use it.

And that’s what my brain likes about me.

I don’t over use it.

Or overwork it.

Or risk wearing it out.

My brain demands the same of me.


That’s why we’re mutually compatible.

My brain has accepted me for who I am

and doesn’t waste a lot of time trying

to change me.

Or improve me.

My brain is smart.

Me and my brain are like two best friends

from different sides of the track

who have never met.

Only there’s always a train running on that

track, so there’s very little chance we’ll ever

actually meet.

But we’re best friends just the same.

That’s how friendship works.

Sometime me and my brain go for long walks

on the beach.

We stare up at the stars.

We are like pen pals.

The other day a thought occurred to me,

but my brain quickly shut it down.

Like a roommate who prevents you from making

balloon animals out of dynamite after an all-night

drinking binge.

My brain cares.

Right now I have my brain out

and we are enjoying watching a “lava lamp” together.

The lava flips like a giant florescent sea slug

that lives on the bottom of the ocean

making both me and my brain feel small.

It is moments like this that I am most content.

You’re sitting there at the table with your brain

with a bowl of soup.

Butternut squash.

Infinitely happy that God has made it just for you,

this thing called life.


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