In the End Everyone Dies


Complaining all the time will earn you a reputation.

A reputation for being someone people can count on.

Someone people can count on to complain all the time.

People may not care what you are complaining about.

Or even if you exist.

What they do care about is that they can depend on you.

Depend on you to be the person that is always complaining.

Nobody likes a person that’s moody.

People like other people that behave in a consistent manner.

Like when you are consistently complaining.

This is much preferable to being moody.

In the end everyone dies.

It’s inevitable, so there’s no point in complaining.

But it’s probably fine if you complain anyway.

When you’re being judged by God or the Devil,

I don’t think anyone will care if you complain.

The last thing anyone else in line wants

is someone who’s moody.


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