How to Nail that $250K Technical Job Interview


First, stop listening to any advice by some blogger they hired on Marketwatch

to cover the topic, unless he/she is making 250K+ a year or has interviewed and successfully been

in such a job.

Second, ignore HR professionals and their suggestions. The hiring decision is made by the technical

talent and the boss who has responsibility for the success of such a hire/program/endeavor.

HR professionals are a distraction and merely get in the way.

Third, if you get hired. Your word is not your word. Your performance/execution is your word. You’re on

trial until you prove you can deliver.

Here are some video clips on one such  job preparation.

I was interviewing as the program manager for the developing the next generation camera system

for Google Earth and Street View. It is an interesting and rather complicated database management trick

that allows you to switch from zooming in from Earth View to transitioning to Street View. I studied and

understand the algorithm.

I was contacted because I had previously for 6 years been the Director of Program Management for a

company that developed such imaging systems. Ours was in the first iphone. All of this imaging

technology had its start in NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena California. It was primarily for

the military, as such after the Soviet Union opened up in the early 1990’s we had about 20 Soviet

Military imaging experts on staff.

One time after we went through a particularly painful grilling by management, I turned to my Soviet

colleague Dr. A and asked how he could keep such calm, composure under such grilling.

His response regarding griller: “S” is an angel. “S” is an angel compared to KGB…and from decisions

made today…  nobody is going to die.

That helped my perspective quite a bit.

When it was found out that I was interviewing for next generation Google Earth…this brought in a much

bigger suitor with a lot more money than Google.

The kind that if you land the position, you cannot list on your resume or Linked In profile.

You can perhaps put during this time: “Technology/Program Management Consultant.”

They have rather strict conditions of employment.

No tattoos.

No identifying marks.

It’s EAL7 work

Good luck on your interview.



Good luck.


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