Steak and Sizzle


when I look at her

I wish I was the scientist

who invented x-ray vision

x-ray vision that stops right

after the clothes if you

know what I mean


she rolled around


as she was well-oiled

I had to take the batteries

out of my smoke detector

because of all the sparks


she said she wanted

both the steak

and the sizzle

with extra sizzle

but I wanted to give

her extra steak as well


she moves

her body

like fire

in slow motion

like fire

that dances

so slowly you

want to touch it

touch so bad

you don’t care

if you are burned

by the hear

of her fire


when I was young

I was told that

if I did it too often

I would go blind

still I just can’t stop

looking at her



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