My Irreverent Friend

1.9 - Copy


You are my irreverent friend

and that is why I love you.

Always making comments that lack proper respect

or seriousness just for fun.

When for example, I have my head stuck in a toaster

you’ll make a lighthearted comment like:

“Wow. How much blood can a human body hold?”

Or when I’ve lost my validated parking ticket

and have a disagreement in paying the attendant

you’ll comment merrily:

“How long can a human body continue to live without a head?”

One time I lost control of my nail gun.

Really lost control.

You quipped:

“Does UPS require a signature when they deliver

a coffin or can they just leave it on the porch?”

You are my irreverent friend.

I love you.


“What’s the word?”

“Uh, huh.”

Sorry, you’re my irrelevant” friend.

Get the fuck out of here!!!


“The more things change the more they stay the same 7/9/17.”

“Roger, that “Captain Fluffy.”

Captain Fluffy: This year for the NFL opener, I’ll need a cat-suitable suite at the Bellagio.

Me: You got it. 🙂




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