Frankenstein loved his curly fries.

And he loved his chocolate milkshakes.

And he really loved his onion rings.

He had  worked up an appetite

killing all the town’s people.

Frankenstein was misunderstood.

And he was sensitive about being misunderstood.

Being misunderstood hurt his feelings.

He killed all the town’s people because

that’s what Frankenstein monsters do.

Now he sat in a new town where there

were still people alive to serve him food.

He hated strawberry milkshakes.

Especially when served with his curly fries and onion rings.

As he sat in his booth he thought to himself:

“I’m going to exchange this strawberry milkshake

for a proper chocolate milkshake.”

“I hate being misunderstood.”

“Especially, before I kill everybody.”


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