Water Park Experience


Whoa, how did I get in this “Water Park?

Some guy: The men’s room is not a “water park.”

Me: Well, not for you.

Guy: Hey, hey….this urinal is occupied.

You’re going all over my leg and pants.

Me: I care.

That’s the nice thing about “caring.”

“Not caring…”

Guy: What am I gonna tell all my friends about my pants being soaked in pee?

Me: Tell, them there was a line and you couldn’t hold it.

Guy: Thank you. Thank you so much for your help kind stranger.

Me: Get out of her “drippy” you’re ruining my “Water Park” experience.

Me: Does anyone object to me smoking a cigar?

Whiners: This is a smoke-free bathroom.

Me: Might I suggest you leave?

Good, no one sucking up my precious oxygen for my cigar.

Later, back at seats: Hey, “drippy”…how are the pants?

Guy: Thank God it’s you merciful stranger. Perhaps you can explain to them about


Me: Everything he says is true. Anyone mind if I smoke this “friendship” cigar?

His whiner group: This is a smoke-free ballpark.

Me: Have you checked your cars recently in the parking lot to ensure no acts of vandalism

have been committed against them?

Me: Ahhhh…good once again no one here to needlessly consume my oxygen.



My cat conscious: Got a cigar for me?

Me: I don’t see why not “Captain Fluffy.”

Captain Fluffy: Purrrr….



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