Megan of Megadeth


She said her name was Megan,
but I thought she said Megadeth

She corrected me and I apologized.

Then she proceeded to leave the toilette seat up after she peed.

Then she petted my cat in the wrong direction… against the grain of her fur.

She denounced yoga as nothing more than something that allowed women who didn’t
practice yoga to buy and wear yoga outfits.

Even now when I look back these were the happiest times in my life.

Then she kicked in the door singing “Train of Consequences” petted her own cat backwards while wearing only a Megadeth t-shirt.

She whispered in my ear: “I am Megan of Megadeth.”

And she was.

Me later: How about I pet your kitty backwards.

Megan: Less words. More petting.



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