Hard box of kittens

On weekends Carl could do what he wanted to do.

He could sing in the shower.



Carl: “Hey, look a butterfly.”



He could go to his favorite place.

Carl: “Hey, look an orange butterfly.”



If he wanted to he could make ice cubes out of hot water.

Hell. If he  wanted to he could boil water

and then use the boiled water to make ice cubes.

It just took longer.

But he could not take the ice cubes to his favorite place.


Not with the restraining order.

Sometimes life is that way.


Annie was mesmerized by the box of new kittens.

She fell in love with them all.

She was particularly fond of a little orange tabby.

“Let’s get this one!”

She said to her mother.


Her mother replied:

“Let’s get all of them.”


Annie smiled.


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