When is Something Big


When is something big?
It’s a good question.
And can’t be answered.
Some people consider such things a mystery.

I find it best to use approximations.
Person talking: “Is that dog big?”
Me: “Approximately.”
Nobody will argue with approximations
and yet approximations can often get us
in the ball park for discussions regarding size.

Other person talking: “Is the national debt big?”
Me: “How would I know? Why don’t you ask that big dog.
I’m sure he’d know, since he’s so big.”
Some people just have to ruin the whole size thing for everyone.

Some guy: “Do you sell big condoms?”
Pet store clerk: “Well, I wouldn’t call them
so much “big” as “large.”
Guy: “OK. Do you sell large condoms?
Pet store clerk: “No. We sell turtles.”


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