Be bold.
Be brazen.
Refuse to be labeled.
Be a rebel.
Exactly like everyone else.

Take the time to complain how people
have overlooked just how special you are
because showing them would require effort.

Bill: Here’s your participation trophy.
Fred: Simon’s participation trophy is bigger than mine.
It’s not fair.

Ishmael: It’s not fair that women get to have babies.
Cheryl: It’s not fair that men get to stand up to pee.

Jim: My co-workers want me to do things.
It’s not fair that people who do things get paid more than me.

Dave’s thought journal:
What are some of the things for which I am thankful?
Have I complained enough today?

Vice President Janitor: I think I’ll be a rebel and not to clean the men’s room today.
Or ever again.

HR person: You’re going straight to hell
Me: I’m not already there?


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