You May be a Terrorist and Not Even Know It


You may be a terrorist

and not even know it.

Howling with the Howler Monkeys.

Is that a shoe bomb in the size 27 clown shoes you are wearing?

Caitlen Jenner: perhaps it would have been less conspicuous if I didn’t use clown shoes for so much explosive?

Perhaps. Book him Dano.

Kylie Jenner: Would this dynamite vest be sexier if had an image of Dr. Martin Luther King on it?

Madonna: I thought about blowing up the White House.

Kendall: Here put on this dynamite vest of Jesus at the last supper.

Madonna: Whoa…that’s “Christian.”  Some people might find that offensive.

Kylie/Kendell: How insensitive of us. Please accept this vest of Josef Mengele conducting

human experiments.

Josef Mengele: Wait a minute…please do not soil my reputation.

Orangutan Flight Security: What’s with the dynamite vests girls.

Kylie: You’re supposed to notice the silk screen images on dynamite, not the dynamite.

Madonna: Did he just call us “girls?”

This “sexist” airline is going down.


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