Go Ask Angus


Go Alice Ask Angus

(With apologies to Jefferson Airplane)

Go ask Angus

I think he’ll know.

When you need instructions on how to change a light bulb.

Or want to be able to evaluate the investment portfolio

of a private equity firm.

He will know.

And if your dog has been chasing rabbits.

(Actually squirrels, but it’s a stupid dog.)

And he’s been rolling in his own poop.

(Your dog, not Angus.)

Go ask Angus.

He can probably suggest a strong surfactant scrub with maximum

efficacy for removing that persistent rolled in dog poop smell.

When he’s whatever height is in normal height.

I don’t know, probably not much over 5 foot.

When your soup has grown cold

and you think maybe a pill will help.

Go ask Angus.

He’ll probably suggest you just microwave it again for 2 minutes.

Seriously, you can’t figure this stuff out and your wonder

why you can’t hold down a fulltime job?

Caterpillars, mushrooms, talking chess pieces.

Talking cards.

And a talking dormouse.

That’s an awful lot of talking before you had your coffee.

Don’t even try to talk to me before I’ve had my coffee or I might hear voices too.

You’re pretty easily distracted getting ready for work in the morning aren’t you?

Again, explaining your chronic tardiness and spotty employment record.

I used to have the same problem with “Sports Center.”

Go ask Angus.

If you’re not into vitamins, a great deal of clarity can likely be provided

by starting your morning with a bottle of Jack Daniels.

Feed your cat.

Feed your cat.


What would Bonn do?

(All photos taken partying with AC/DC after Day On the Green Oakland.)



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