Presidental Counsel Minxie


President: Hey, Minxie I’m looking for a sweet heart deal with China.

Minxie: Have you thought about sending flowers. Everyone likes flowers.

President: This whole Russian thing just won’t go away.

Minxie: Here’s a coupon for those flowers.

President: I’m considering adding myself to Mount Rushmore.

Minxie: A box of chocolates in the shape of a heart can work wonders.

President: As a compromise, I’ll be putting my own image on the $20 bill.

Minxie: Select a card in a pastel color. They’re the most romantic.

President: I’m glad we had this talk. It’s helped clarify my thinking.

Minxie: Do you want these launch codes back?

President: Nah, keep ‘em. I’ll prove to the world yet that I’m Vegan.



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