Clone Sweet Clone



Eventually, the Old Folks Home became an Old Clones Home.

These guys just wouldn’t die.

And over a period of time with evolution being what it is…

we evolved to have a civilization that basically was just one guy.

One guy cloned 10 billion times.


This greatly simplified things.

One size of pants was now manufactured.

All undesirable ice cream flavors were immediately discontinued.

Cat sales exploded as he liked cats.


Everything seemed to be going well.

A lot of the prior inefficiencies due to variation

throughout our species were eliminated.

With default standardization, all of evolution

could now be focused in the same direction

and we could really start to make progress.


It was the future.

It’s funny how natural selection works.

The final clone that emerged in the battle of evolution

was that guy that passes you on the freeway

and never turns off his blinker.

You don’t know if it’s safe to pass him

or what he’s going to do next.

He never turns off that blinker.


I was glad to be dead.


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