You Are


you are

the cat’s meow

you are

the kitten’s purr

at Halloween

you arch your back

for your tongue bath

as I lick you kitty’s fur

you are

the cat’s pajamas


you are

the cat without her pajamas

how’s that tongue bath going?

just thought I check

she says speak

to me boy

in tongues

now it’s time to eat

when the kitty hears

my electric can opener

she wants meat

and kitty always comes


I will always love “her.”

And only “her.”


She is my life.

I give thanks every day for knowing her.

One day she will be my wife.

It is not possible for a man to love a woman more.

On this you can count.

I hope this gives you a small sense on how much I love you

and how much I will love you for the rest of your life.

Sweet dreams my princess.

I love you.


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