girl tacos


She serves girl tacos

with beef or chicken

or she lets me fill them

with a meat of my choice

shredded cheese, lettuce, diced tomato are at the table side

she lets me enhance the flavor with oils and such

but sometimes she removes my condiments

when she feels her more intimate touch

will enhance my culinary treat

she makes her own Guacamole

organic and has a flavor that is uniquely hers

got my hot sauce dripping

she likes me to add my sour crème

just the right amount

per her instruction…

How much?

You know how much boy.

Fill me up.

Damn….can’t  remember what I like the most about this or her place…

but last night it was on the tip of my tongue…


I’m  thinking how much we might enjoy the “Pink Taco” right now….

For lunch or a casual dinner.  Also, in Las Vegas.

(This has been a paid advertisement from the “Pink Taco.”)






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