San Francisco Bay Guardian

American Artist Magazine

King Features Syndicate cartoon strip “The New Breed.”

Sub-licensed to a New York gardening company for t-shirt.

Those were “first rights.” All rights revert to me.

Different than say from  “Hallmark.”

They buy “ALL RIGHTS”…they own outright.

Only they can do anything with idea/image.

Pay accordingly. $$$ !!!

Besides published pieces…

They bought/own over 100 pieces from me.

Never published.

And will never be published.

They published what they wanted from me.

And then paid to ensure no one else could ever publish

material of a similar nature.

Either, I would be successful with them

or I would not be successful in their industry.

They bought and stock-piled my writing/art for 5-years.

And then didn’t publish it.

They determined at that time it did not fit the demographics

of one of their business units… and they killed it.

They paid a good amount of money to prevent the publication of my work

to any other source for 5 years.

I don’t regret taking the money.

I’m sad that over 100 pieces  of work will never see the commercial light-of-day,

but that’s how the business works.

It’s business.

We do the same thing in the Silicon Valley

with new technologies.

It’s business.

If you don’t have to compete.

You kill the competition.

It’s not personal.

It’s business.


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