Good Pet Owner


When people think of the worst writer
of all time they usually think

Worst scientist either Einstiein or Sir Issac Newton.

Worst musician of all time Mozart.

Oh, sorry…I was thinking about my boss.

The worst boss of all time.  My mind wanders.

People tend to admire people who make rubberband balls.

Mostly bald guys with poneytails are also high on the list.

Being a good pet owner as a general rule of thumb I wouldn’t buy my cat
catfood that I didn’t think was good enough to serve to a dinner guest.

Keep that in mind when you’re eating the meatloaf the next time I invite
you over for dinner.




I piss her off so that she writes daily, because she needs to write daily.
It is how one becomes a better writer.
It is by this path she will become stronger.
It is by this path she will succeed.



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