Cat Police Blotter



2 cats were reported piloting a dirigible off of Interstate 87.

No dogs were reported.

A 3rd alleged cat was spotted watching a bird on a lawn.

Surveillance cameras captured the shadow of a cat, possibly tabby,

last night just outside the mall.

A further review of the surveillance tape confirmed

that the shadow was not that of a dog as reported by lieutenant dog

3  probable cats were seen at the cat food store buying cat food.

Anonymous tips put a cat on the corner of city hall sometime

between 8am and 5pm today.

Possibly again watching a bird.


On a non-cat related note…


A tan dog was spotted sniffing another dog’s butt.

A white dog was seen drinking out of a toilette.

A brown dog stuck his nose in a guy’s balls.

And black dog was witnessed rolling in his own poop.


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