Cloak and Dagger



Concierge: The Ambassador would like some additional Legos.

Sergeant-at-arms: The Ambassador will be eligible for more Legos when he returns
the Lincoln Logs he borrowed to build his mining town that was unfortunately destroyed
by a mountain flash flood.

Concierge: Many of those Lincoln Logs were buried under tons of mud run off.

Ombudsman: In lieu of the Lincoln Logs we also accept Bitcoin.

Me: I don’t want to count my chicken’s before they hatch, but I’m going to put that count at one.
One for the chicken that already exists and will be laying the eggs.
If that seems reasonable.

Man that lived in one of the Lincoln Log cabins that were swept away:
I lost everything.
Including my box of good luck rabbits’ feet.
Well…maybe it’s OK if I don’t get those back.

The President: Were the Russian’s involved?

Tim: Why would Russia want the good luck rabbits’ feet?

Jill: The bionic rabbits’ feet for the amputee rabbits are unreliable.

The Ambassador: As it turns out,  I found the box of good luck rabbits’ feet under my motel bed
this morning.  May I exchange them for some Legos?

Jill: And that’s how I broke my New Year’s Resolution Diet by January 2nd.



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