Friends Through Space and Time



If I flew too close to the sun and melted my wax wings

I would just land on the sun and wait for someone

to ship me a pair of those new heat-resistant wings.

A glass of water might be nice.

I hope as my friend I could count on you for these things.

OK, probably not the wings.

I know how you are about doing anything that requires effort.

It would be nice if the water were cold.

Or at least not lukewarm like bath tub water.

Or bath tub water for that matter.

Or at least the glass wasn’t a dirty one

That you took out of the dish washer.

Or at least you hadn’t already drank

out of the glass before giving it to me

all covered with your spit.

I count on you because you are my friend.

What’s this?

A box of crayons?

What am I supposed to do with a box a crayons.

Oh, good idea put them out on the sidewalk and watch them melt.

You’re right.


Maybe if I follow the sidewalk it will lead to an igloo.

You are my friend.

Now I’m back on Earth many years later.

Everyone I know is gone because time had stood still for me,

while I traveled through space and they aged,

lived their lives,

and died.

Except you.

You’re still here.

My friend.

Thank you God.

My friend is still alive!

My friend is still alive!



No, you can’t borrow my toothbrush.


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