Blow Hole


Like most people the thing I envy the most about whales
is that they have a “blow hole”
Image how useful this could be in a meeting at work.
Your boss says something incredibly stupid.
You pound your first on the desk and then blow
like a fire hydrant out of your blow hole.

Everyone is soaking wet.
Everyone wins.

Imagine you are at a funeral and the “Body Janitor” says:

“If there are any objections… speak now or forever hold your peace.”

You walk up to the podium and blow hole the entire crowd.
Good thing they are serving Champagne.

Your riding as the Grand Marshall in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade.
Oh yeah, you have a blow hole.

And blow holes are now politically correct.

They light the “man” on fire at Burning Man.
You walk up and blow hole him putting out the fire.

Samuel: I’m glad we each paid $1000 to see this.
Dylan: I wish I had a blow hole.


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