Thinking about Others

Today you should think about others.

For once in  your god damn  life.

After you drink the last cup of coffee at work

you might actually consider brewing another pot.

Or at least consider not put a yellow sticky note on the coffee maker that says:

“Out of Order.”

Light a candle in the bathroom.


Don’t drink out of the open milk cartoon in the refrigerator.

Don’t pee in it.

I thought you already went to the bathroom.

Don’t flip people off when you are driving to try to get them to join the rodeo.

Sometimes simple gestures can mean the most.

When they pass the collection tray around in church just say : “No.”

Rather than: “Go to hell!”

When the guy in the cubicle next to you confides that he is going to die.

nod with compassion.

You can go through the things in his cubicle later to decide what you want.

People appreciate a well-placed compliment:

“I see you’re wearing your ‘fat pants’ today. You look great in polka-dots.

If you should light someone’s car on fire by accident provide a heartfelt explanation:

“Look what that woodpecker did!”

the launch codes


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