The American Cat Prison



I went to the cat prison.

I had a visit through a thick piece of glass with a cat

who had become my pen pal.

They recorded our conversation.

They recorded all the conversations.

They sounded mostly like a person talking to them self

with a lot of meowing going on in the background.

I baked a cake with a file in it,

but my cat pen pal wanted cat food.

Not the dry cat food, but the wet cat food.

And not the generic store brand cat food,

but the one served in small cans with chicken gravy,

and not the regular chicken gravy,

but the chicken gravy with cheese.

And heavy on the gravy.

And you got the small cans, right?

Not the medium-sized cans?

On the medium cans they skimp on the gravy.

The next weekend I went to the mouse prison.

That weekend a number of escapees were reported.

It was on all the news.

The following weekend I went back to the cat prison.

All the escapees from the mouse prison

were apprehended a couple days later,

after they were digested.

50mm sniper


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