Making the Best of Your Time in Prison


I suggest you make the best of your eventual time in prison.

Learn to yoddle.

Many people use their time imprison to practice and improve the quality of their handwriting.

When I see a man with nice handwriting I think….

Now there’s a guy who spent some time in prison.

There are nearly 1 million species of insects.

How many can you identify.  Get cracking. Use your time productively.

Spending 20-30 years in prison no longer has the stigma it once did.

Friendly facial tattoos actually look distinguished on a Supreme Court Justice.

Others could make your transition into clown work much easier if you have no need

to apply make-up.

Time in prison can also be used to fill awkward gaps in your employment history.

Hiring Manager: I see for this 20-year period you have not listed any employers.

You: I was in prison.

Hiring Manager:  Good. I was worried you had been unemployed.

Just like college your time spent in prison will be one of the most cherished times of your life.

Jim: The United States Armed Forces made me the man I am today.

Bill: The United States Federal Penitentiary System made me the man I am today.

Bill when can you start as CEO?

Bill: Please allow me time to prepare something in my exceptional handwriting, so I can

deliver it while yoddling.




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